Slide Shows on Cathedral and Church Architecture - by Michael G Hardy

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Some Comments Received from Audiences

Comments from my Slide Show Audiences:



Aylesbury Centre of the National Trust   (St Albans Cathedral)

"After the meeting people were all highly complimentary, and many were clearly looking forward to our proposed visit to St Albans Cathedral. I am sure that all who do visit the Cathedral will have a much clearer appreciation of the history of its development."


The Friends of St Mary's Church, Chesham   (St Albans Cathedral)

"...that was a real insight..."    "...I can't wait to go there and see for myself..."    "...some of those photographs were remarkable..."    "...he really knew his subject..."    "...we must have him back..."    "...I thought I knew St Albans Abbey..."


Chartered Institute of Building - Bedfordshire Centre   (Anglo-Saxon Churches)

"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and professional presentation to our members. Many spoke of your clarity of explanation regarding architectural and building features they had not previously thought of in relation to church construction."


Edgware and District National Trust Centre   (Wells Cathedral)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and have received good reaction from several other members, one lady said she had found it as good as a guided tour. We are all agreed that you must visit us again some time."


Pitstone Local History Society   (Parish Churches of Buckinghamshire - part of)

"We were presented with a superb exhibition of ecclesiastical architecture and art, in stone, paint, wood, glass, and brass, ranging in age from the early medieval period to the present day. Displayed in profusion were fonts, font covers, misericords, doorways, rood screens, pulpits, stained glass windows, corbels, roof timbers and monuments."


Banbury and District National Trust Association   (Wells Cathedral)

"Many thanks for your wonderful insight into Wells Cathedral. As a mere tourist one goes into these magnificent buildings and misses so much of the fascinating and beautiful details. Before we left, members were asking for a visit to see for themselves the grand Cathedral and City of Wells."


Prestwood Society   (Parish Churches of Buckinghamshire - part of)

"...and a most informative narrative with excellent slides by Mr Hardy on the Parish churches of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns."


Wyre Forest and District Centre of the National Trust   (Lichfield Cathedral)

"It is many years since I last went to Lichfield so I look forward to seeing the treasures that your show revealed to us."


Whitchurch Women's Institute   (Parish Churches of Buckinghamshire - part of)

"Michael Hardy took members on a tour of north Buckinghamshire churches with wonderful photographs and very informative commentary."


Warwick District U3A   (Lichfield Cathedral)

"Thank you for opening our eyes to Lichfield Cathedral. Following your 'out of the ordinary' slide show, I am sure many of those present will be keen to see it for themselves. I have visited the cathedral several times, I will now be going again, to study it in more detail."


South Bedfordshire National Trust Association   (Salisbury Cathedral)

"His talk was accompanied by first class slides, produced over a period of 20 years and taken from all angles - distant views, close ups, comparisons, ancient and modern. Here too was shown the wonderful skill of the early masons and builders, their work still standing today. Talk and view merged with consummate ease - explanation, description, fact and story."


National Council of Women of GB - Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Branch

(Parish Churches of Buckinghamshire - part of)

"Your most interesting and informative slide show really gave our members a lot of different views and points of interest to think about."


Ealing National Trust Association   (Wells Cathedral)

"Mr Hardy is making a return visit. his technique is unusual, in that he uses three projectors to show beautiful slides of old churches and cathedrals."


Wing Antiquarian Society   (Peterborough Cathedral)

"A very interesting evening which we hope to follow up with a visit to Peterborough in the Spring."


Amersham Centre of the National Trust   (St Albans Cathedral)

"Thank you for a very entertaining evening. You have obviously done a considerable amount of work with great attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and have received good reaction from several other members."


St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society

(Anglo-Saxon Churches)

"We were delighted with the enthusiastic reception you got from our members. That enthusiasm was carried-over in several very favourable comments about your talk that were made to us at the end of the meeting. Many marvelled at the years of thought and miles of travel that lay behind your excellent visuals. Not only were they taken all over our cloudy land but nearly all were taken in brilliant sunshine!"


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